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Besides transportation for brides and grooms, we also provide Taxis and safe ride services after the reception.




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Our company history is rooted in hard work, customer service and innovation. Our business is not about the vehicles we operate and manage. Our business is all about servicing you – our customer – the best possible way we can.


As our business grows and as we continue to serve your needs, we have come to realize that in order to reach the “next level” we must do more. Our customers deserve more, our industry deserves more – but most of all, our planet deserves more. We understand that for our company to continue being successful we must make a serious commitment to do our part in preserving the planet.


Therefore, Montreal Limousines Worldwide has officially rolled out an ambitious and aggressive plan for a “green” and Environmentally Sustainable business. Our first step has been to undertake a third-party audited greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions baseline measurement of all aspects of our operations. We have created and are now following a strategic Emissions Reduction Plan to reduce the GHG emissions expelled by our fleet and facilities. Our plan includes:


  1. Driver re-education and training to conserve fuel;
  2. The adoption of fuel efficiency technologies as needed;
  3. The transformation of our business operations to reduce electricity consumption;
  4. Employee incentives to reduce company waste and utilize more efficient personal transportation modes;
  5. The ongoing measurement, auditing and reporting of our results.


There are over 14,000 limousine companies operating over 130,000 vehicles across North America. We want you to know that we are dedicated to taking a leading role in doing our part – and spreading the word. This is our pledge to you.


Best regards,
Montreal Limousines Worldwide
Andrew Koutsogiannopoulos,

President & CEO

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